For me working with ceramics is about dealing with historical and contemporary materials and shapes.

Project Tribsees

For Project Tribsees, a sleepy brick gothic town in Mecklenburg-Pommerania from the middle ages, I contributed wine coolers, cups, bowls and plates for the communal dinner "Tribsees 2 Table" in the local church together with Krautkopf and Tranquillo.
Every piece consists of 45% recycled gothic brick rubble from houses that are falling apart in Tribsees and 55% casting clay.
The pieces from my tile workshop with the local project Tribsees Pötterie e.V. will be exhibited during the project and find a new home afterwards in the houses of the participants.

Please visit to learn more about the project.

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Master thesis "Forgotten Culture Techniques"

Swinging Cupz